Sunday, April 09, 2006

A remedy of errors...

The increasing number of oversights by referees in soccer games is an issue that has had FIFA on the mat of late. The third umpire concept which has been such a success in cricket, just cannot work in soccer because of its continuous free-flowing nature. My room mate Mittal had a nice workaround suggestion- may be there could be a third referee in soccer too, only that he neednt be referred to- he would have the right to override the referee's decision on highly critical matters such as a handball/ tackle in the penalty area. So if his decision were to be the opposite of the on-field referee's, he would indicate so via a special whistle. Not bad, eh?

50 years down the line, we could have a futuristic solution for the handball problem. What if we fit every player's hand with a chip and insert a chip in the ball too, so that if they came into contact the ball would start glowing red? There would be some logic needed to ensure the ball doesnt glow if it touches the leg or the head, but should'nt be that difficult!

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