Friday, April 07, 2006

A "doosra" strategy...

Indian cricket's lack of expertise in the pace bowling department has been the favorite breakfast nibble for quite some years now. In a way the issue resembles that faced by a smoker- we know the problem, and the solution too, and yet are helpless about implementing it. So, rather than deal with the grassroots issue of having more pacer-friendly pitches, can we force the same outcome indirectly?

A wierd idea struck me whle watching a tennis game the other day- could we borrow a leaf from it's book? Just like we have Grand Slams on different surfaces, each suiting a certain style of playing, could we replace the various meaningless Leagues in India with 2 specialized leagues? How about a Kapil Dev pacers league and a Prasanna spin league? Probably the seperation of the two arts of bowling could lead to specialization in each?

Its very much an impractical idea, not well-thought out, indeed. But if somehow it could be worked out, it could work- we could see motivation at the grass roots level to prepare players for pace bowling.

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