Monday, September 25, 2006

Brain-warming up...

Cant believe its been nearly five months since I last wrote a blog. The last time I trimumphantly clicked on the "Publish" button on this site and nearly destroyed the F5 key as I impatiently waited for the blog to be updated was the 17th of May 2006- yeah the date is vivid in my memory, just like a sissy lover who ruefully remembers every boring detail of the last serenade with his woman before she left him for a faraway land.

Since then, I must confess I have logged onto the site quite a few times, even wrote a few drafts, but somehow never got the time or energy to bring them to fruition. I also unfailingly checked for any new comments, but never had the heart to reply to any- what excuses did I have for my absence?- and delayed all the replies for that sunshine day, that great day when I would break my sabbatical and get back into action. But many thanks to those who missed me and let me know so- it is probably this accumulating guilt that sprung me into action this Sunday night sitting in the balcony of my Tokyo apartment, gazing out into the warm moist darkness, all by myself.

But I must generously share the blame with the crazy hecticity of the last few months. It surely is difficult penning down after a stressful day's work in front of a computer screen (a word of appreciation for the people who still manage to do so- you guys are great!). And when you get the feeling that your weekends are probably more hectic than your weekdays, you know that you've taken a crash course through the lesson of life! But a short business trip to the land of sushi and samurais was just the blessing in disguise that I needed- solitude can indeed be bring about a humble realization of how interesting a person you always thought you were but really are not!

And so I've sat down to write down this theme-less, point-less and hazily-structured piece, much like a warm up for my hand-brain coordination system. And if you are purposeless enough to still read it to this point, theres good news: you can definitely expect some better writing soon. There have been ample vicissitudes of fortune that Ive experienced in the time I was away, and I surely will be digging them out from the archives of my brain and exhibiting them in this museum of introspection that we call a blog.

Schumacher's smelling another F1 title, Sachins back to scoring centuries, India seems to be losing again, and I've got back to writing- the world seems back to normal again :)