Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is Gravity based on Homer's Odyssey?

I have a feeling the plot of the film Gravity is loosely based on Homer's Odyssey Chapters 5-8. (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD) 

See here for a quick summary & analysis of The Odyssey.

Like the protagonist of the Greek poem, Sandra Bullock's character Dr. Ryan Stone is weak, full of self-doubts and wrought from past suffering, but is carried by the prowess of her mind, her intellect. George Clooney's character is very obviously God-like and resembles Athene, the goddess that helps Odyssey along the way (genders reversed!). Most of Odyssey's troubles happen on the dark sea, and the visual imagery of space in Gravity is as dark. Then there are the minor details- Odyssey's raft also broke down and to survive he had to first reach Skheria (cue: Chinese station) from where he took a bigger ship above.

But above all, the end scene is very symbolically similar to Odyssey's salvation as he finally swims ashore and collapses.

Ofcourse I could be totally wrong! In any case, beautiful movie.

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