Saturday, February 16, 2008

Making a counter-point

Many people commented on my judgemental blog earlier, saying it was too direct and negative. I agree wholeheartedly, but that was the point of it- when one calls a spade a spade, one cant call it almost a heart. Nevertheless a good suggestion by a few has been that I should write a 2nd part, focusing this time on the more positive traits in people. I think its a great idea, but I decided I dont want to repeat myself on the points in the earlier post, since obviously if I dislike something I would appreciate the absence of it. So heres my list:

Above everything else, I respect genuineness and honesty, Mallika Sherawat-ishtyle. It requires immense guts, and more importantly, inner self-belief, to come out into the public and say "Yes, this is the way I am, and the way the industry is"- her practical logic for sleaze as the only way to beat the acting-family grip on Bollywood was impressive. (Admittedly, she overdid it a bit, and often finds herself with her foot in her mouth.) But have you observed, genuineness is a trait every person unconsciously appreciates, however genuine or fake he might be. I think its one of the traits that people who somehow seem to endear themselves to everyone, unfailingly possess.
Next on my list would be determination and ambition, personified by countless successfuls, notably Shah Rukh Khan and Linkin Park. We all know whatever there is to be known about SRK, but Linkin Park, who practise their music 16 hours a day, have taught professionalism to an industry that has always been known for humongous egos and erratic genuises. A lot among us have these virtues in their own small ways- they dare to dream big, and they spend their lives, unfazed by adversity, chipping away towards that vision. Salut!

And I'm always awed by a Darren Gough-esque attitude to life: cheerful, bright and optimistic, you could never see him without a smile or a guffaw. Such people light up our lives with their shining countenance, provide us with memorable moments, and remind ourselves of how life's meant to be lived.

But nothing's as dignified a virtue as humility and simplicity, especially in one's moment of glory, paraded by the likes of Narayan Murthy and Rafael Nadal. Rafael's post match interview after winning the French Open a record third time had more "Federer"'s in it than "I"'s! We always associate the term "being a sport" with failure, but I sometimes think it applies more to victory. I respect and admire people who display generosity and integrity in success- be it in resisting an urge to take a pot-shot at the also-rans, or be it in terms of not wanting victory at ANY costs. And its probably this fine point that seperates the likes of Michael Schumacher from the pantheon of true legends. (I'm sure to kick up some controversy about this!)

This easily has been my shortest post ever :-)
p.s: This bloody blogger sometimes really drives me up the wall. I've tried in whatever way I can, but I can't seem to get that extra line between paras 2 and 3. Anyone else had a similar problem? Works fine for other paragraphs. First person to help me gets a special reading of my 1st book. Only kidding, relax.
p.p.s: And now its doing the same prank on the paragraph above! Bloody hell.


Anonymous said...

I respect genuineness and honesty, Rakhi Sawant-ishtyle

Mysterious Gal:)

Wishins you a happy week.

Ro Ro Ro a Boat said...

There is nothing negative about calling a spade a spade.. so chin up and head held high!!!

On the other hand, we always tend to take positives for granted- for some strange reason, posittive judging is never seen as judging but "you dont look like the kinds who flirts with women" always is- so keep the posts coming..

unpredictable said...

:) ill 'space' you out ... later on gtalk :)

unpredictable said...

Tagged you.

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Fork-Spoon-Knife said...

yep. you cna edit it in the HTML mode. At the end of para 2 insert <'fwd slash'div> and a "< div >" (without the spaces) at the beginning of para 3. make sure that there are no other charaters between the 2 divs

Anonymous said...

"It requires immense guts, and more importantly, inner self-belief, to come out in public "

i agree sumit, when are you thinking of doing that?

Megha said...

Nice post there! Speaking of genuinesness, thanks to blogs there's a good lot of people opening up. Respectful indeed, but genuineness is immensely charming as well.

Atticus said...

@Sudha, FSK- thanks for the techie help!

@Anon- Haha! I think I know who you are

@Megha- Hiii! thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes I agree, genuineness is quite charming.