Thursday, March 02, 2006

Leaving on a high...

How do you want to leave this world?

Its a topic that most people are uncomfortable discussing...but nevertheless a very interesting one: whats your death style? prefer to wither away in peace, or exit with a bang?

Fittingly enough, death been given more than its due footage in Indian it the superhuman hero in the 60's, who made it a point to say a few words to every family member/ friend/ enemy around before he breathed his last, or the dramatic heart attack that chose the most happiest moment to make its entry, portraying death has always been a great dramatic moment.

Which makes me notice that Shah Rukh Khan has been involved in some really absorbing on-screen deaths. Expectedly so, because it really suits his naturally over-dramatic personality. The last run he makes in Devdas, to see Paro one final time, and then falls dead at her doorstep. Or that poignant last moment in Ashoka with a quiver-full of arrows in his back...

But my all time favourite remains Kal Ho Na Ho...and watching that movie is what has prompted me to think abt this topic. Even as Shah Rukh lies on his deathbed, the life he infuses into that scene is unmistakable. As people cry all around him, he refuses to be overcome by the situation, and instead delivers some last minute feel-good dialogue. Hes dying but hes leaving behind his enthusiasm, his energy.

I saw and I knew it: this is how I want to die. In the limelight, extracting every bit of last-minute glory. Cmon, whos going to remember you after you die, anyways?

Dying in my sleep would be such a SHAME. you are gone and you yourself dont know it. I would rather pass away in pure daylight, so that everyone can be around me in those last moments. So I have it all planned. That last day when doctors would have given up hope. Phone calls being made to every single friend/ relative I know. The hospital overflowing with well-wishers, clamoring to catch a bit of me. Those rosy testimonials. Probably, finally some one will acquit me of those Maadu allegations. (Or may be not, I may extract a last-minute treat from them "Ab to jaa rha hun yar, banta hai"). And amidst their sorrow, Ill crack a silly joke. And laugh over it. And bring a smile to their faces. Touche. Time to go.


The Prolific Dyslexic said...

this comment is unrelated to the post.

Nice to know that you visited my blog.

Hey, that was supposed to be a totally skewed viewpoint, not a sane, rational look @ why HBS is good.
I do know why HBS is so good and why they remain on top. :)
As for IIPM, it better be left unsaid.

P.S. This comment is here coz orkut isnt loading ... problems with their donuts. And ur orkut profile link links to microsoft from here. :D

Cocaine Crack said...

Oh wow! What if you it is freezing in London when you want to die? I would never venture out of my house. Also most probably when you crack a joke in senility, you will see toothless grins all around you. Really, why bother!

Guess who!

Atticus said...

but cant guess who...who is it?